Python Automation Tutorial

Selenium Firefox Python - Geckodriver Example Walkthrough and When to Use It

Nov 1, 2020
Build robust web scraping and automation tools with the powerful Selenium Firefox Python - Geckodriver stack

A look at single binary deployment approach for Python web apps

Sep 29, 2020
My field report on attempting a single binary approach to deploying Python web apps

Python Oh My Zsh for Fun and Productivity

Sep 19, 2020
Increase your productivity on the terminal with Python Oh My Zsh plugin and powerlevel10k.

Python Reddit Bot Tutorial

Sep 3, 2020
Learn to build a Python Reddit bot to monitor keywords on Reddit 24x7, without using any API or creating a developer account.

Automate FB Video Download with Python

Aug 26, 2020
Learn to automate downloading Facebook video with Python!

Python Selenium Twitter Bot: Automatically Post Tweets

Aug 21, 2020
In this Python Selenium Twitter bot tutorial we will create a Twitter bot to post tweets by automating our own browser.

Tornado Use Case in Low Memory Environments

Aug 1, 2020
We will look into the relevance of Tornado in Python world for low memory environments, especially for applications like websocket.

Learn Python Automation: The Best Books

Jul 16, 2020
We will take a look at the best books and other resources to learn Python automation!

Python Automation Tools: Tools of the Trade

Jul 2, 2020
We will take a look at the most commonly used Python automation tools and also do a quick review of each of them!

Why Python and Selenium Are a Great Match

May 11, 2020
A look into how Selenium and Python can be used together to solve web scraping and automation problems

A Primer on Selenium

May 10, 2020
An introduction to Selenium for its use in web automation and testing

Myths and Facts about Web Scraping - Part 2

May 8, 2020
Let's discuss some more popular notions about web scraping and bust some myths!

Myths and Facts about Web Scraping

May 6, 2020
Let's discuss some popular notions about web scraping and bust some myths!

Web Scraping Tools

May 3, 2020
A look at some of the most popular Python web scraping tools

Django And Its Popularity

May 1, 2020
A look at the most popular Python web framework - Django!

Python Trivia Time

Apr 18, 2020
Get bombarded with some cool Python trivia!

Companies Which Use Python

Apr 5, 2020
A look at how Python is being used at some of the biggest tech giants for solving their unique problems.

What You Can Do With Python

Mar 13, 2020
A look at the cool problems that can be solved effectively with Python!

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