Django And Its Popularity

Django And Its Popularity

May 1, 2020

Django is a python based free and user friendly framework that follows the model template views architectural design. Lets trace back to how this phenomenal framework came into existence. It all started in the fall of 2003 when web programmers at the at the Lawrence journal world newspaper started using python for its application. It was released publicly in 2005 and was named after the guitarist Django Reinhardt. Django was solely invented to ease the creation of complex, database drive websites. Today it Is seen that one of main reasons for learning python is the fact that one can use Django. As we look around we can also see so many new startup’s budding up so what up with that right? One might wonder when did it get so easy for one to make their own web application. The simplest and one word answer to all the questions is Django. Django has been rapidly gaining popularity because if its ease of use and its fantastic designs.

Django is a a high level python web development source. A web application framework is a place that has all the components needed for web development. The goal of Django is instead of applying same and same components over and over again it makes new components or gives access to suitable components instead of implementing the same ones. Django is also a fully featured framework and takes care of a lot of hassle of web development helping one to focus on the application writing part. Django framework enables you to model your domain and code classes, and before you know it, you already have an ORM. Let’s take a closer look to understand its acclaim better.

Theres a lot to be said about Django. Often one will notice that it is the first framework to respond to a new vulnerability. No one can claim that every bug has been fixed but a lot of them have surely been fixed. Nowadays a lot of Django releases are focused on new features. We can perhaps say that software doesn’t get wiser with age but it definitely gets better making it a time tested framework.

Just like the Python community Django community contributes to a whole lot of useful packages and utilities for the use of wider world. Type in Django in pypi and you will come across more than 4000 packages which are open and free to use. This framework is like a community house for all the web requirements.

Python and Django tend to be a bit more quieter compared to the rails and nodes out of which both receive a lot of publicity from both big and small users. Django has been used by few of the webs most used sites like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Django was first found in publishing so of course it has been used by many popular newspapers. Making it crowd tested.

Django in the early 2000 walked into the world with wonderful documentation compared to many other open sources out there. And it has only gotten better with time. When it came out excellent documentation was one of the key features that set Django unchained. This works well for better reference. Django’s documentation isn’t unique anymore but it is definitely one of the best examples of open source documentation. Maintaining a first class appearance of documentation is the most popular and important part of Django’s community.

As we saw Django is great or best for getting started but surprisingly enough it is amazing for scaling too. Django’s heart is a series of components wired up and ready to go. These components used can be decoupled since they are not dependent on each other they can be unplugged and replaced as and when you need something more specific.

Django has a default system via which it prevents a whole lot of security mistakes. Django camouflages or hides your site codes by dynamically generating web pages and through templates sending information to web browsers. Django gives great security to the user.

The factors listed above are some of the major ones behind the steady rise in popularity Django has seen, since its release.


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