What You Can Do With Python

What You Can Do With Python

Mar 13, 2020

Python is a language which is one of the most popular language according to TIOBE index. The popularity of this program is mostly used in data science and machine learning. The learning curve is smoother for python compared to other advanced programming languages. Now one might think why do I learn this language or how is it fun or creative learning so now lets see what makes python all of the above things or what can one do after learning python.


This is basically a practical programming for beginners where one can automate boring and tedious tasks like updating spreadsheet, running excel programs, updating files, etc. These tasks are the perfect starter pack for someone who is learning python and has completed the beginner’s level.

Tasks that can be automated with Python: Searching files in the database or text in files Updating, creating and renaming the folders and files according to your requirement. Searching the web and creating dictionaries Sending message notifications and reminder emails Tracking and sorting invoices


Python supports building games. The broadly used framework for this is Pygame library. It supports various interesting features like music, pictures, art, sounds, effects, etc.

Some key points about Pygame (Python’s library) It is an open-source library that is available for free to build games in Python. It is highly portable and can be run on any operating system, including Windows, macOS, etc. It is one of the most powerful Python libraries that contains almost everything you need to get started with building your own games. It contains a wide range of modules that can be used to add interactive features or functionalities to your existing application.


This is one of the most popular application of web development python is a great option because you have a ton of choices like Django and Pyramid to work with. So you can build a cool website from scratch without feeling overwhelmed. You can also take advantage of micro-frameworks like Flask and Bottle.


The internet is a source of a lot of Information and this feature is great fun for people who like to look up at data and collect information. For people who need to look for bulk information from various platforms this is the application you are looking for. The main feature of content aggregator is it is a tool that gathers information about a certain topic from various websites. To make one, you can take the help of the requests library for handling the HTTP requests and BeautifulSoup for parsing and scraping the required information.


Nowadays every smart phone comes with its own personal smart assistant that takes commands from you and helps you make calls, text or even play a song or start an application. Some examples of this include Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri. If you’re wondering what goes into making something like this, you can use packages such as pyaudio, SpeechRecognition,gTTS, and Wikipedia. The goal here is to record the audio, convert the audio to text, process the command, and make the program act according to the command.

Concluding the list of handful things that one can do with python we can say that python is a super easy and interesting language and it can be used to develop many cool and fun features. The potential of python is limitless.


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