Why Python and Selenium Are a Great Match

Why Python and Selenium Are a Great Match

May 11, 2020

As we all by now must have concluded that python is a very powerful weapon of many purposes one might be keen on knowing what makes it stronger so for those Selenium is one if the many tools that works wonders along with Python. So now we will talk about what exactly is selenium and why is it so tight with Python language.

So what exactly is Selenium? It is a open source which basically means that it is available on the internet for use of all and is used as a tool for web automation. The python APIs connect to the browser via selenium. It is one of the strongest tools that support quick development of web application. It has to offer a set of tools that are specialised in testing web application. It uses various scripting languages for test automation.

We all know that Python is a very simple, high level object oriented language that is designed in an extremely user friendly manner. It uses simple English that is super easy to read and write. Hence requires no intense interpretation. It does have a few syntax complications compared to other programming languages.

Now that we have seen each one individually lets see when combined together what magic do they create meaning lets come to the question we initially began with which is why exactly are Python and selenium such best of buddies? Down mentioned are a few reasons why they are claimed to be a powerful duo.

  • Easy coding and hence easy interpretation.
  • Offers varied and vibrant typing.
  • Runs at a fast pace but not just that it also compares other programming languages while completing the run.
  • Python in itself has a large number of programmers dedication.
  • The API used in Python helps you in connecting to the browser through selenium. Connecting of selenium and Python offers a easier API to write functional tests.
  • Python language has very less verbose and hence easy suing compared to many other languages. It is the python API that helps you connect to the browser using selenium. Selenium easily sends command of python to various browsers.
  • Python runs fast and helps in initiating and ending blocks. It is very user oriented and compact compared to other programming languages.
  • Because Python is a scripted language it is easy to run a compiler for converting code from lines to anything that can be easily implemented.
  • Python offers a very good system because of its large community. So when undertaking automatic testing using selenium it is easy for new comers because of the support system.
  • Along with all of the above reasons that state the friendship between selenium and Python one should also know that one more major reason for supporting Selenium with Python is various important tools present to extend it.

Hence above mentioned are few of the reasons why selenium has been gaining popularity lately and why selenium uses Python as the scripting language.


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